Death metal machine from Sevastopol presents its new work titled "Nothingness". It is a fourth full-length album of the band. From the very first song it becomes evident that the sound of the album is on a level with the best contemporary bands of the North Europe, and little wonder: Alexander Timofeev, the guitarist and the sound engineer of the band, had personally got in touch with Dan Swanö (who definitely needs no introductions) and took a couple of practical tips on equipment setting from him. On the other hand, mighty and brisk playing contributes to perceptual unity of the album and makes it listenable in one sitting. Along with up-tempo tracks the CD features groovy and even down-tempo songs with doom metal touch. NAVALM keep up their own tradition: this album has nothing in common with the previous works of the band. “Nothingness” is a great gift to all fans of European death metal.

NAVALM "Nothingness" CD

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